Coffee #1

Roaster: Rose Coffee Roasters, Zurich, Switzerland

Farm: Janson Family Estates - Los Alpes
Origin: Panama, Volcan
Process: Anaerobic Natural 
Varietal: Geisha
Roast Date: 06/05/22
Flavour Notes: Fruity, Floral, Complex 
Price Per Serving: £13

Roasted by the current World Brewers Cup champ, friend of Rosslyn and just a lovely bloke, Matt Winton. We were lucky enough to welcome Matt to London Wall earlier in the year where we held an event where he brewed his winning coffee and shared it with some lucky people. Since winning the WBrC Matt has now gone onto opening a roastery called “Rose” which he opened in Zurich, Switzerland with Frederic Brunner only a few weeks ago! This coffee is an Anaerobic Natural Gesha from Panama. For those who may not know, Gesha is a variety of coffee.. just as Pink Lady or Granny Smith are varieties of Apples, there are many varieties of coffee. The Gesha varietal is famous for it’s unique floral qualities (a lot of jasmine/bergamot vibes) and when produced well, they are some of the best coffees you can buy.Expect an amazingly clean yet funky and fruity coffee with tonnes of complexity.

Coffee #2

Roaster: George Howell, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Mamuto AA
Kenya, Kirinyaga
Roast Date:
Flavour Notes: 
Blackberry, Cherry, Lime
Price Per Serving: 

George Howell is a bit of a trail blazer in the industry having set us a coffee business in 1974 called The Coffee Connection. The Coffee Connection grew to 24 sites before it was purchased in 1994 by...... Starbucks!George then went on to open George Howell Coffee in 2004 and they have been linked with roasting very high quality coffee ever since.This particular coffee is a washed Kenyan and is in my opinion exactly how a good Kenyan coffee should taste with tonnes of Blackberry notes paired with a juicy and rich body. The coffee is also 100% the SL28 varietal which is not so common anymore due to it's high vulnerability to disease.


Coffee #3

Roaster: Proud Mary, Melbourne, Australia

 Finca Licho
Origin: Costa Rica, West Valley
Process: Natural 
Varietal: Villa Sarchi
Roast Date: 22/02/22
Flavour Notes: Tropical Fruits, White Wine, Boozy
Price Per Serving: £12

This coffee is from arguably the top roastery in the business….Proud Mary, Melbourne, Australia. Mat was lucky enough to have a tour of the roastery a few weeks back when he was visiting home and picked up a few bags of this awesome coffee.The coffee… “Hot Date” is a Natural process Costa Rican from Finca Licho.
Natural coffees from Costa Rica are famous for their super funky and fermenty characteristics. This coffee is much cleaner than you would usually expect with tonnes of sweet tropical fruit notes.

Coffee #4

Roaster: Blossom Coffee Roasters, Manchester, United Kingdom

Farm: El Granadilla
Origin: Costa Rica, Terrazu
Process: White Honey 
Varietal: Gesha
Roast Date: 05/10/21
Flavour Notes: White Peach, Red Apple,
Price Per Serving: £9

This coffee has been grown on El Granadilla, a farm named after the fruit plant (similar to a passionfruit) which provides a canopy that covers and shades the entire lot. This is the first crop of gesha that the farm has ever produced.

This coffee has been processed using the white honey method. This means that almost all of the muscilage (sugary coating sounding the coffee seed) has been mechanically removed from each coffee seed. This results in a balanced and clean cup that tastes of peach and red apples.

Coffee #5

Roaster: The Coffee Collective, Copenhagen,

Farm: Takesi
Origin: Bolivia, Yanacachi
Process: Washed
Varietal: Gesha
Roast Date: 02/12/21
Flavour Notes: Lychee, Peach, Bergamot
Price Per Serving: £12

This coffee is one of my all-time favourites and is one of the hardest coffees to get your hands on. The Takesi farm in Bolivia only sell their coffee to 5 roasteries in the world! Our good friends at Coffee Collective is one of the lucky 5.This perfect washed process Gesha is grown at altitudes between 2600–3000 metres above sea level making it the highest grown coffee in the world according to the Guinness book of records. The altitude is in fact so high that the coffee trees freeze at night. The tree’s root systems are kept warm by mulch, helping lead to a much slower maturation period for the cherries which contributes to the incredible complexity of this cup. Expect the most clean and pure coffee you’ve ever tasted!

Coffee #6

Roaster: The Barn, Berlin, Germany

Farm: Chania Estate
Origin: Kenya, Thika Plateau
Process: Natural 
Varietal: French Mission
Roast Date: 05/10/21
Flavour Notes: Dark Berries, Maple Syrup, Rich
Price Per Serving: £6

We had this coffee a couple of years ago and thought it was one of the most exciting coffees that had been on bar at Rosslyn. Unfortunately, due to unusual rain patterns and a locust plague, The Barn were not able to offer this coffee last year but I’m happy to announce that we finally have our hands on it again!Kenya’s washed coffees are well known for their juicy blackcurrant characteristics and bright acidity. Most speciality coffee roasters will have had a washed Kenya on their menu at some point in time.Natural Kenyans, on the other hand are very rare. Natural coffees need long periods of dry weather after harvest. With the uncertainty of rain patterns this makes it is a big risk to produce naturally processed coffee in Kenya. 
Against all the odds, Boyce and his team at Chania Estate have produced a beautiful coffee that is amazingly rich and tastes of dark fruits and maple syrup.