Well check you out! You've only gone and found our off menu coffees. 

Our off menu coffee programme is an ever-evolving collection of some of the most rare and exceptional coffees from the world’s leading roasters. We have frozen these coffees to lock in and preserve the unique flavours and keep them fresh for longer. 

Order at the bar when you are ready and please feel free to ask a member of our team if you have any questions.

Coffee #1

Roaster: Formative, London, UK 

UKBC 2023 Wining Coffee
Farm: Paraiso 92 
Origin: Colombia
Process: Natural 
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Roast Date: 09/06/23
Flavour Notes: Grapefruit, Guava, Passionfruit
Price Per Serving: £9


Coffee #2

Roaster: Special Guests, London, UK

Farm: Finca Inmaculada
Origin: Colombia, Cauca
Process: Natural
Varietal: Sudan Rume
Roast Date: 14/05/23
Flavour Notes: Blueberry, Lychee, Red Apple
Price Per Serving: £15


Coffee #3

Roaster: Proud Mary, Melbourne, Australia

Farm: Finca Licho 
Origin: Costa Rica, West Valley
Process: Natural 
Varietal: Villa Sarchi
Roast Date: 22/02/22
Flavour Notes: Tropical Fruits, White Wine, Boozy
Price Per Serving: £12


Coffee #4

Roaster: 3fe, Dublin, Ireland

Farm: Las Alasitas
Origin: Bolivia
Process: Natural 
Varietal: Gesha
Roast Date: 13/11/23
Flavour Notes: Blueberry Muffin, Vanilla, White Sugar
Price Per Serving: £6


Coffee #5

Roaster: Manhattan, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Farm: El Vergal, "Queen"
Origin: Colombia, Tolima
Process: Carbonic Maceration
Varietal: Gesha
Roast Date: 20/02/23
Flavour Notes: Raspberry, Passionfruit, Marzipan
Price Per Serving: £13


Coffee #6

Roaster: Substance, Paris, France

Farm: Volcan Azul
Origin: Costa Rica, Central Valley
Process: Warm Anaerobic 
Varietal: Mokka
Roast Date: 31/01/22
Flavour Notes: Cranberry, Red Apple, White Peach
Price Per Serving: £12