Coffee #1

Sierra Yeo's 2022 UK Brewers Cup Winning Coffee
Rose, Zurich, Switzerland

Farm: Misty Mountain
Origin: Boquete, Panama
Process: Natural
Varietal: Geisha
Roast Date: 20/10/22 
Flavour Notes: Rockmelon, Raspberry, Cherry Blossom, Juicy
Price Per Serving: £15


I’m super excited to share this amazing coffee! This is the same coffee that our good friend Sierra Yeo used to win the 2022 UK brewer cup championship.

The coffee comes from Longboard Coffees farm, “Misty Mountain” Justin the owner uses farming methods inspired by biodynamic wine producers and to say he runs things "organically" or "biodynamically" is even still an understatement. There's such little human interference, except for some pruning and picking, which is done aligned with the lunar and solar cycles. He uses no chemical interference at all - and really lets the ecosystem and mother nature thrive, and do their thing all around the area where the coffee is grown. The coffee trees are planted in a native forest where no other agriculture has been produced.

The coffee has undergone quite a unique “natural wine making” process. The cherries are placed in a fermentation tank and something called a “Mosto” is introduced to the cherries. Mosto is the left over liquid from previous ferments. It is alive and full of active bacteria and microbes and helps kickstart a new fermentation. After fermentation, the coffee is then dried in cherry at a low temperature for a long time (28 days). This coffee is not fermenty at all but you can really taste the coffee cherry. This coffee is extremely special!

Coffee #2

Roaster: ONA, Canberra, Australia

Farm: Crater mountain
Origin: Australia, Queensland
Process: 50% Natural Dried Yeast
50% Natural lactobacillus bacteria
Varietal: Bourbon
Roast Date: 20/09/22
Flavour Notes: White Peach, Rooibos Tea, White Wine
Price Per Serving: £14


Australia has long been known for it’s great cafes and coffee culture. In terms of farming coffee, Australia has some regions closer to the Equator that Arabica grows. This coffee is traditionally very big in body and low in acidity.

This is Australia’s highest altitude coffee which is grown about 30 minutes drive from where Chris grew up 
The coffee has gone through some very experimental processing methods. 50% of the coffee is fermented in cherry with dried yeast (they use wine, champagne yeast for this). The other 50% is fermented in cherry with lactobacillus bacteria. This bacteria uses sugar and turns it into lactic acid and is the same bacteria used to make yogurt, wine, kombucha, kefir etc. This coffee has a rich body and a creamy mouthfeel and is fruity, funky and sweet. Soooooo good!

Coffee #3

Roaster: Substance, Paris, France

Farm: Volcan Azul
Origin: Costa Rica, Central Valley
Process: Warm Anaerobic 
Varietal: Mokka
Roast Date: 31/01/22
Flavour Notes: Cranberry, Red Apple, White Peach
Price Per Serving: £12


Coffee #4

Roaster: Rose Coffee Roasters, Zurich, Switzerland

Farm: Janson Family Estates - Los Alpes
Origin: Panama, Volcan
Process: Anaerobic Natural 
Varietal: Gesha
Roast Date: 06/05/22
Flavour Notes: Fruity, Floral, Complex
Price Per Serving: £13

Roasted by the current World Brewers Cup champ, friend of Rosslyn and just a lovely bloke, Matt Winton. We were lucky enough to welcome Matt to London Wall earlier in the year where we held an event where he brewed his winning coffee and shared it with some lucky people. Since winning the WBrC Matt has now gone onto opening a roastery called “Rose” which he opened in Zurich, Switzerland with Frederic Brunner only a few weeks ago! This coffee is an Anaerobic Natural Gesha from Panama. For those who may not know, Gesha is a variety of coffee.. just as Pink Lady or Granny Smith are varieties of Apples, there are many varieties of coffee. The Gesha varietal is famous for it’s unique floral qualities (a lot of jasmine/bergamot vibes) and when produced well, they are some of the best coffees you can buy.Expect an amazingly clean yet funky and fruity coffee with tonnes of complexity.


Coffee #5

Roaster: Proud Mary, Melbourne, Australia

Farm: Finca Licho 
Origin: Costa Rica, West Valley
Process: Natural 
Varietal: Villa Sarchi
Roast Date: 22/02/22
Flavour Notes: Tropical Fruits, White Wine, Boozy
Price Per Serving: £12

This coffee is from arguably the top roastery in the business….Proud Mary, Melbourne, Australia. Mat was lucky enough to have a tour of the roastery a few weeks back when he was visiting home and picked up a few bags of this awesome coffee.The coffee… “Hot Date” is a Natural process Costa Rican from Finca Licho.

Natural coffees from Costa Rica are famous for their super funky and fermenty characteristics. This coffee is much cleaner than you would usually expect with tonnes of sweet tropical fruit notes.

Coffee #6

Roaster: Moklair, Reims, France

Farm: Bombe Abore, "Flower Power"
Origin: Ethiopia, Sidama
Process: Natural 
Varietal: 74219 / 74212
Roast Date: 27/01/22
Flavour Notes: Jasmine, Perfume,
Price Per Serving: £6

Moklair are a relatively new roastery based in Reims, just East of Paris (the unofficial capital of Champagne!) The founder Charity is the current French Brewers Cup Champion and her partner and other founder Kevin is the current French Barista Champion! The coffee we have chosen is a natural process Ethiopian grown in the lush Bombe mountain valley in the Sidama region. 667 producers in the various parts of the mountain range contribute their coffee cherries to the local Bombe Abore Washing Station. These coffee cherries are grown between 1920-2020 metres above sea level, resulting in beans that are very dense and small This is a reflection of slow maturation of the coffee cherries at high altitude which allows more complex sugars to develop in the coffee adding to the final complexity of the cup.