Coffee—Roasted for black


If you brew your coffee with an espresso machine or a stove-top/moka pot and like to drink it black, then this single origin is for you. We use it for all your Americanos, Espressos and Long Blacks at Rosslyn. A combination of balanced acidity with a medium body, this coffee packs plenty of blackberry, peach and caramel flavours in a sweet, dynamic cup.

Flavour notes
Blackberry | Peach | Caramel

100% Burundi, Kayanza

Brewing methods
Espresso | Stove-top | Aeropress

Please note, there is a special grind setting for Delonghi Espresso Machines.


If you would like your coffee delivered to your door pre-ground then please ensure to select your preferred brew method from the ‘Wholebean or Ground’ dropdown menu prior to adding the coffee to your cart.

You can also choose whether you would prefer 200g or 1kg bags.

Your coffee will be roasted fresh to order and dispatched the next working day via first class Royal Mail postage.

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