French Press

Makes 2 serves (half recipe for 1 serve)

  • Coffee: 46g 
  • Water : 750g
  • Temperature: Water just off the boil
  • Target time: 08:00
    • Stir and break crust after 4 mins
  • Grind: Medium course (kosher salt)
  • Suggested coffee: Rosslyn Roasted for filter or Rosslyn Roasted for milk

filter coffee


Makes 1 serve

  • Coffee: 15g
  • Water: 230g
  • Temperature: Water just off the boil
  • Target time: 02:15
  • Grind: Medium fine (granulated sugar)
  • Suggested coffee: Rosslyn Roasted for filter 

aeropress coffee

Pour Over

Makes 1 serve 

  • Coffee: 15g
  • Water: 250g
  • Temperature: Water just off the boil
  • Target time: 03:00
  • Grind: Medium (granulated sugar)
  • Suggested Coffee: Rosslyn Roasted for filter 

pour over coffee


Makes 1 serve

  • Coffee: 18g
  • Water: 36g
  • Target time: 28-36 seconds
  • Grind: Very fine (Caster sugar)
  • Suggested coffee: Espresso/Americano/Long black: Rosslyn Roasted for Black
  • Flat white/Latte/Cappuccino: Rosslyn Roasted for White

espresso coffee

What are the basics of making a good brew at home?!

…a few simple steps that will make a considerable improvement to the coffee which you make.

The basics:

Grind fresh!

Investing in a home grinder is the single greatest improvement you can make to your home brewing. Once ground, coffee will de-gas straightaway and will have lost a significant amount of its flavour and aroma within the first 10 minutes. We recommend the Wilfa Svart.

Weigh your coffee! 

Ratios matter. Invest in some digital scales. At Rosslyn, each coffee is made to an ever-changing recipe so as to ensure the best flavour and consistency is delivered to our guests. We ensure this by using scales to weigh every single coffee to 0.1 of a gram. You’ll find all shapes and sizes here.

Raising your game:

Upping your water game will make a considerable improvement to your home brews. Your average filter coffee is approx. 98% water and just 2% coffee, so it’s stands to reason, right?! If you want to take that next step towards brewing beautiful coffee at home we recommend the Peak water filter.

Get your learn on and do some reading!

The world of speciality coffee is a weird and wonderful one. The more you learn how different processes, origins and varietals can influence the final cup the more you will be able to navigate your way to a better home brew. Here are some of our favourite reads:

World Coffee Atlas

Barista hustle