Not concerned with trends, only what tastes good.

Established in 2018, Rosslyn is a coming together of hospitality styles from both Ireland and Australia, the homes of our founders James and Mat. “All the attention to detail and high standards of an Australian Cafe combined with the warmth and community of an Irish Pub brought together in a way that best serves modern day London”

We couple this with who we believe to be the best producers across various fields, from The Estate Dairy milk to Mork Hot Chocolate and La Marzocco espresso machines... and of 

We make use of our experience and contacts within the global industry to bring to you some of the world’s best coffees from the industry’s leading roasters (often not available anywhere else) including the likes of Proud Mary (Melbourne), The Coffee Collective (Copenhagen), SEY (New York), Switch (Tokyo) and Origin (Cornwall).



Prompt but never rushed. Humble, yet assured, and always with purpose. 


  • “One of the best new coffee shops in the world.” Drift Magazine.
  • “The not-so-best-kept-secret of the City of London.” The Financial Times.
  • “Rosslyn might represent a template for the next phase in the evolution of speciality coffee in London.”
  • “Tap into the global craft coffee industry beyond London and explore the talent from the rest of the world.” The Telegraph.
  • Best New Café in the World 2018 Finalist
  • Best Independent Coffee Shop in Europe: 2nd place Allegra Events
  • Best Coffee Shop in the City of London Conde Nast Traveller
  • Listed in the 15 Best Coffee Shops in London by The Telegraph
  • Listed as the number one coffee shop in London on Foursquare

What’s in a name

Rosslyn’s name originates from Rosslyn Street in West Melbourne, where James first learned to make coffee and a short drive from where Mat grew up. In Scottish Gaelic, ‘Ross’ translates to headland and pink, while ‘Lyn’ means waterfall. Hence, you will notice a lot of pink and cascading that runs through our imagery and branding.

Our Founders

James Hennebry and Mat Russell; hailing from Kilkenny, Ireland; and Melbourne, Australia respectively; have spent a number of years working across various fields of hospitality, including live music events with the likes of Live Nation, and helping to establish coffee programmes at some of the leading coffees shops and cafes in the UK. Having worked with prominent roasters in Australia such as Five Senses and Reverence, James and Mat first met at Caravan Coffee Roasters in London where they helped to develop one of Europe’s leading roasteries. Having spent a number of years advising various high-profile operators on their coffee programmes, James and Mat decided to take a punt and open their own little coffee shop on Queen Victoria Street in the centre of the City of London 

London Living Wage Employer

Rosslyn is proud to be an accredited London Living Wage employer, one of only two specialty coffee shops in the City of London.

We believe it’s important to take care of our team who take such good care of you, and that includes paying a fair wage in an expensive city.

Thank you for supporting an independent coffee shop and helping us achieve this goal. We are working with Living Wage to try make this a standard across our industry. Find out more at Living Wage Foundation 

Environmental Commitments

We all have a responsibility to act in a responsible manner in order to protect our planet. At Rosslyn, we are very proud of the following green initiatives.

We save over 13,000 plastic milk bottles from landfill every year by utilising an automated milk system which delivers milk in 20 litre reusable buckets by our supplier, The Estate Dairy (Somerset).

We save over 7,000 coffee bags from landfill every year by having our coffee delivered in tins by our supplier Origin Coffee Roasters (Cornwall).

Our cups and lids are made from plants and are fully compostable. As are our iced drink cups. Our straws are made from recycled paper.

    Our coffees

    We believe certain coffees fit better with certain drinks, and so we select seasonal coffees from all over the world that will best suit your order. These can change from week to week, ensuring that we always have the best options available to us. Learn more about each of our coffees by clicking on the links below

    Roasted for Milk

    Roasted for Black

    Roasted for Filter